Cornwall image 1Cornwall has a rich and unique history, intricately woven within the tapestry of British history.  Its strategic geography and warm climate have often drawn many to its picturesque shores, where the remnants of time are dispersed between the towns and harbors, and coastline.  The land is famous for its authenticity, and although the residential population is small, there are still several citizens that can trace their lineage all the way back to the Britons, who originally settled in the area.  The land of Cornwall can boast of Celtic, Nordic, and Anglo-Saxon influences, and yet every ascending generation has something new to offer to attract patrons to this sunny land.  Here I will cover some of the more unusual facts and tidbits about Cornwall, many of which are the reasons I fell in love with this place to begin with.

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The Secret Prosperity of Cornwall

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I feel sometimes, as if Cornwall is England’s best-kept secret, which is ironic, considering it’s one of England’s most popular destinations.  But people go to Cornwall all the time, and completely miss out on everything this place has to offer.  It’s as if the citizens of Cornwall are in on some secret conspiracy, to conceal exactly how awesome this place is to outsiders.  I’m in on the cosmic joke because I live here half the year, and because I happen to agree.

This place is a well of hidden prosperity.  Apart from the sights that draw the crowds, the flowers, fields, and 700 kilometers of coastline, Cornwall is home to many, many restaurants.  They vary, from quaint little fish-and-chips holes, to high-caliber, with multiple Michelin stars.  That has a lot to do with the fact that Cornwall is home to thousands, literally thousands of plant species and fish life.  The people here use the land and the resources, true, but they also give back to the land, and celebrate it.  They work to preserve what they feel should be preserved, and derive a pleasure from a way of life in a culture that has lived off the land for centuries.

The people’s appreciation of the land has shown in their work.There are multiple World Heritage sites across the landscape, the crown jewel of which is the Eden Project, funded by UNESCO and donations.  The series of biodomes house a diverse and expanding collection of plants and organisms from all over the world.  They thrive in this all green environment, which has continued to draw visitors from every corner of the globe, giving it the unofficial name of the world’s garden.  People from all over come to get a taste of Cornwall.  Many of the restaurants serve Cornish dishes, and flavors they have picked up from strangers travelling from distant shores.

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The Economic Boom and Boon of Cornwall

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Cornwall is truly an underrated place.  It is a center of tourism for England in contemporary times, but it has also been known for its mining and fishing industries.  The landscape is awe-inspiring, the people are friendly, and the crime is low.  With stats like these, it’s a wonder that this country only has a population of half a million.

It’s on the rise though.  There’s been nothing but good news, good prosperity to come out of Cornwall lately, and people have begun to sit up and take notice.  The question is, what’s not to like?  There’s good food, good land, things to do and see, and an economy that has had an increasing, positive trend, where the rest of the world has been hit heavy by the recession.  Sure it’s touristy, but it’s a pretty touristy, with hills and gardens, and hundreds of caves and hidden haunts along the shore.  Cornwall is a place to get away from everything that stresses you out in your life- which is probably why its economy has enjoyed profits in the range of several million in the past few years, chiefly from tourism.

It’s hard to find a flaw living here, namely because the people are so happy.  That may sound a bit too Stepford for you, but remember, Cornwall is the home to bawdy harbors, austere castles, reverent monastery ruins, and new-age surfer bums.  People here don’t sweat the petty things, they labor and toil just like anyone else, and they have a good time.  As a result, there is very little crime- in fact, there are no prisons, in any of the towns.  There’s hardly and real jails, and for the large part, mostly everyone fits in the same pay bracket.  There aren’t major cities in Cornwall; there’s no metropolis like London, where you have to practically be on benefits just to get by.

That sense of escapism that more and more people seem to crave is found here in Cornwall.  That is why people have really started to sit up and take notice of this little corner of England.  There is a peace of mind here that assures investors, and a sense of culture and activity that equally excites them.  Remember, this is the home of the first modern wind turbine, and the first eco-surfboard.  There are constantly environmental projects running alongside historical projects, and the stunning landscape has attracted artists for centuries, creating a great art community in places like St. Ives, and down in the Lizard Peninsula.  This hidden gem of rich land and seasonal activity is not so hidden anymore; people and businesses alike are turning to Cornwall.